Tibetan singing bowl
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Even very early man used the whistle, drum and other instruments as musical instruments, to convey sound: to frighten, to woo, to express sorrow, grief, joy, cooperation, artistic expression, cheerfulness and much more.

In Nepal and India, there is a belief that everything is made of sound, the cosmos, the gods and humans.

Religions are then associated with a multitude of human and instrumental sounds. But we are also familiar with the various healing chants of archaic peoples. Shamans have lived with it, and often live with it, without knowing that sound is in fact a wave of energy of its own, which affects our whole being, every cell, beyond our ears.

It is this wave property that one uses to invoke Tibetan singing bowls when a healthy balance is upset, whether at the physical/physical, mental, spiritual or energetic level in the body.

This smaller sized singing bowl is 4 cm high and 9 cm wide.

Use it with health!


(This item was offered to us by Ganesha Bazaar. Thank you!)


(Photos by photographer Bálint Előd Erdély)

Tibetan singing bowl
621 of visitors have viewed this product.
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