The aim of the rules is to define the rules of the bidding on the erdelyivakiskiskola.org website in a comprehensive, transparent and regular manner, thus helping the participants to use the website smoothly and to conduct the bidding in a fair and good faith manner. To this end, EMLE, as the owner of the erdelyivakiskola.org website, makes the bidding rules available online.

The scope of these rules covers the bidding activity and the persons who wish to participate in the bidding and, to this end, register and place a valid bid for any bid item on the bidding area of the erdelyivakiskola.org website.

The bidder acknowledges that it is his/her duty to inform himself/herself of the provisions of the bidding rules before registering and may not invoke failure to do so in order to incur obligations or obtain benefits.


The organiser of the auction is the Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians from Transylvania, which will use the proceeds of the auction exclusively for the maintenance, development and operation of the Hungarian Education Centre for the Blind in Transylvania. Bidding will take place in the bidding area of the erdelyivakiskiskola.org website.


The auction on the erdelyivakiskiskola.org website is a charity auction, open to all, subject to and in accordance with the conditions described in section 4. Participation is open to any natural or legal person who registers on the website and makes a valid bid for at least one or all of the items put up for bidding. The items offered for bidding will be the property of the highest valid bidder at the end of the bidding. However, EMLE reserves the right to determine the winner of any bid regardless of the amount bid.

The bidding process:

Bidding can be done on the website erdelyivakiskiskola.org after registering and logging in to the site.

Each bid item has a set starting price, a set bid increment that increases the value of the bid, and an immediate buy price. There is an available time limit, after which no more bids can be placed on the item, the bidding closes and the item becomes the property of the highest bidder.


Participation in the auction is voluntary if the applicant fulfils the following conditions:

a) registering and making a valid bid for any bid item,

(b) accepts these Rules and Regulations, and

(c) at the time of bidding, provides the information strictly necessary to participate in the bidding.

Natural persons who, in addition to fulfilling points (a) to (c) above, are over the age of eighteen years or are not subject to a guardianship order affecting their legal capacity may participate in the bidding.

If the bidder does not agree with the terms of these Rules or does not complete the information indicating his/her intention to participate, he/she shall not be entitled to participate in the auction.


The provision of data is based on the data subject’s consent pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 (Article 6(1)(a) GDPR).

The provision of personal data is not mandatory, however, failure to provide data and, where applicable, withdrawal of consent will result in the (further) participation in the bid not being possible.

The scope of personal data processed is solely necessary for the smooth running of the bidding process. The website erdelyivakiskola.org operated by EMLE does not request personal data for commercial purposes, does not pass the data on to third parties and protects the personal data in its possession in accordance with the applicable laws in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.