“TÁPISZ” – graphic by Antal Vásárhelyi
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Vásárhelyi was born in Satu Mare, Romania, studied interior design and graphic design at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, and moved to Hungary in 1979. Between 1979-1982, with interruptions, he was the artistic director of the Young Artists’ Club in Budapest, organising exhibitions and co-artistic programmes. In the mid-1980s he was involved in the organisation of the international exhibitions Experimental Art and Art Today I-III. In 1988 he became editor of the social and art magazine Hiány, which played a significant role in the creation of political and artistic pluralism in Hungary. In 1998, he organised the exhibition Hommage a` M. C. Escher, and in 1999, with the support of UNESCO and ICSU, the exhibition Science in Art – Art in Science. He is a member of the Association pour la Promotion du Patrimonie Artistique Français and the Berufsverband Bildender Künstler. His large-scale, geometric, mostly black and white works, most often composed of architectural elements, are characterised by solutions influenced by the illusionistic spatialisation of M. C. Escher, often associating abstract forms with figurative details, and by an objective, coolly analytical tone enriched by ironic or dramatic moments.


Solo exhibitions

1975 Theatre Gallery, Satu Mare, Romania

1977 Petőfi Sándor House of Culture Gallery, Bucharest, RO

1978 Korunk Gallery, Cluj Napoca, Romania

1980 Municipal House of Culture, Érd, Eötvös Klub Gallery, Budapest

1981 Ferencvárosi Pince Gallery, Budapest, Mini Gallery, Szeged

1982 State University Gallery, Vienna, Austria,

          Rajk László College Gallery, Budapest,

          Mini Gallery, Miskolc,

          FMK-Gallery, Budapest

1983 Vay Ádám Museum, Vaja

1984 Studio Gallery, Budapest

1985 L’Écume Gallery, Paris

1991 Chagall Gallery, Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association, Budapest,

          Maximum Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany

1992 Palazzo Brozi Gallery Café, Nuremberg, Germany,

          Komm Gallery, Nuremberg, Germany

1993 Maximum Gallery, with sculptures by Uwe Kunze, Nuremberg, Germany

          Young Artists Club, in collaboration with the sculptures of Uwe Kunze, Budapest

1994 Rathausgalerie, together with sculptures by Uwe Kunze, Vellmar,Germany,

          UAP Gallery, together with sculptures by Uwe Kunze, Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

         “48-4=44”, Art-room Exhibition, Budapest,

          Galerie-Kneipe, Nürnberg, Germany

1995 Tamás Gallery, Budapest

1996 V.A.M. Design Center, Budapest,

          Sárospatak Gallery

1998 Szín-Folt Gallery, Kaposvár

1999 Mega Center md studio Gallery, Budapest

2000 Újpest Gallery, Budapest

2001 MTM New Theatre Gallery, Budapest

2002 City Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden,

          Erlin Gallery, Budapest,

          Gallery IX, Budapest,

          Újlipótvárosi Gallery, Budapest,

          Miskolc Gallery,

          Gallery B, Szeged

2004 Csongrád Gallery, Csongrád

2005 Ökollégium Art Gallery, Budapest

2006 Art 9 Gallery, Budapest

2007 Ferenczy Gallery, Pécs

2008 Ráday Picture Gallery, Budapest

2009 Kondor Béla Gallery, Székesfehérvár,

          Art Center, Rautila, Finland,

          Karinthy Salon, Budapest,

          Kirjasto Galleria, Vehmaa City Library, Finland

2010 Gallery IX, Budapest,

          Szombathely Gallery, Szombathely

          Art Museum, Satu Mare, Romania,

          Ingeborg Zweymüller Gallery, Baden bei Wien, Austria

2011 SZTE JGYPK Department of Drawing – Art History Gallery Szeged

2012 Gaál Imre Gallery Budapest,

          Új Kriterion Gallery Csíkszereda, 2012 Romania,

          House of Hungarian Artists /Palm House/Budapest,

          Tower Gallery Sopron

          Ferencváros Local History Collection Budapest

2013 Association of Hungarian Architects Kós Károly Gallery Budapest

2014 SIMEZA Gallery Bucharest Romania

          Mansfeld Péter Gallery Budapest

          Hungarian Workshop Gallery Budapest


Awards – scholarships

1982 Young Artists Studio Award, Imre Madách competition, Xantus János Museum Győr

1984 Scholarship from Paris

2006 “For Ferencváros” Medal

2007 Ploiesti City Museum Prize, VII International Biennale of Reproduced Graphic Art “Iosif Iser” Prize           

2008 Rome scholarship, Hungart scholarship

2013 Four Elements Award of the National Association of Hungarian Artists


The graphic “TAPIS” is on a sheet of white cardboard A3, the graphic is signed. 

Anyone who is familiar with the work and exhibitions of graphic artist Antal Vásárhelyi will know that this work, in addition to its aesthetic and artistic value, can also be considered a serious investment.

We recommend it to everyone!


(Photos by Bálint Erdély, photographer)

“TÁPISZ” – graphic by Antal Vásárhelyi
1968 of visitors have viewed this product.
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