Grey aragonite earrings
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Aragonite carbonate is a mineral alteration of calcite. Its formation requires the presence of carbonated saline springs, which, when they pass through calcareous rocks, are also enriched in calcium carbonate and, on reaching the surface, precipitate out of the brine in the form of layered or fine needle-shaped crystals. Due to its hardness, semi-precious stones can be well polished. Its colour range is determined by the presence of iron oxides, sulphides, sulphur and various clay minerals. It takes its name from the Spanish river Aragon, where it was discovered in 1788. Aragonite is found on three hills on the outskirts of Korond, formed by filling cracks in the earth’s crust with carbonate shovels, due to the unique composition of the springs of this particular quality.

This triangular aragonite earring is 1.5 cm x 1 cm, dark grey with bluish grey tones depending on the lighting. It is a horizontally and vertically veined semi-precious stone. It took 8 working hours to make. Polished by adult blinds.

Lovingly recommended for any occasion!

Use in good health!

(Photos by photographer Bálint Erdély)


Grey aragonite earrings
413 of visitors have viewed this product.
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