Specially unique aragonite jewellery set
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Product description

A unique, opalescent, vertically veined jewellery set with a unique colour combination. The ring, pendant and two earrings range from the rust to dark grey, translucent to white, and show many colors and shades of themselves depending on the light.

The two earrings are crescent-shaped, 3 cm high, 1.5 cm wide and 0.4 cm thick, with a silver setting.

The outer half of the pendant is a convex oval, the inner half is flat. 2 cm high, 1.3 cm wide, 0.8 cm wide, also with a silver setting.

The ring is circular, 1.5 cm in diameter and the stone is 0.8 cm thick, with silver socket, adjustable.

The rarity and the circumstances of the formation of the aragonite semi-precious stone make this beautiful jewellery set completely unique and unrepeatable.

The semi-precious stone jewellery set was handmade, the pendant took 5 hours of work, the earrings 8 hours and the ring 6 hours. The stones were polished by adult blinds.

Aragonite is considered the stone of truth and understanding.

We recommend this unique and special jewellery set to all those who are not afraid of the truth!

Use it in health!

(Photos by photographer Bálint Erdély)

Specially unique aragonite jewellery set
593 of visitors have viewed this product.
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