What if I grow up? – big question for little ones

On August 8, 2020, they met again in the virtual space under the leadership of visually impaired children, Gizi Ferencz and Tünde Miklós. Occupations, crafts, activities were the topic of this meeting. What you’ll be when you grow up? the question came. The kids told each other what their favorite activity was, who they wanted to be if they were going to be big because they wanted to be involved. It was touching to see and hear the children listen to each other with open and sincere interest, asking for each other’s plans, giving advice to each other.

Of course, there was no shortage of joint play, rhyme, and player movement that developed movement coordination. And it was a riddle for all crafts and occupations, it was possible to get to many old, already extinct or other dead handicrafts in this way, to present it, to talk about it, to get to know it. They closed the virtual coexistence with good mood and experiences.