Life-Games-Tales with Sulyok

Between 8-12 May 2024, the Baczkamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed College hosted Péter Sulyok in Székelyudvarhely. The invitation was the idea of the governess Emőke Bartalis, we are grateful to her. Thank you to the Hungarian Reformed Church’s Missionary Service for “borrowing” Péter!

On 8 May, Peter gave a speech in the Aula of the Baczkamadaras Kis Gergely Reformed College. Difficult life situations, tragedies, borderline situations – all wrapped up in a positive robe. What are the motivations that lead a teenager to decide to have his eyes removed? How can you shoot with a revolver completely blind? As a blind father, how can I teach my children to roller-skate? How is it possible that, despite the very convincing appearance, there are no problems? Is it possible to transport 250 kilos of frozen meat offal in a 400 litre freezer box in a right-hand drive hearse with no official papers? And what are the chances of being stopped by a policeman?

On 9 May, the Odorheiu Secuiesc Reformed Student Home invited Péter Sulyok. Here too, young high school students listened to his stories.

On May 12th, in the Kriza János Hall of the Unitarian Parish of Székelyudvarhely Downtown, Peter gave a captivating, moving, thought-provoking talk. Thank you Reverend Sándor Simó for the invitation! We could see and feel that no one can go deeper than the palm of God’s hand.

“We have to recognise that there are no problems, only circumstances to be experienced and challenges to be overcome. Which ones we choose to grow into problems for ourselves, carefully sprinkled with our fears, is our choice” – this is Peter’s message always and everywhere. Knowing him and the many situations in his life, it is easy to believe that he means it.