Children with white cane



On the 15-th of October, 2019, the International Day of the Visually Impaired and of the White Cane, the Association of the Hungarian Visually Impaired in Romania organized a day-long event in Székelyudvarhely. The organization of the event was possible due to the generous and substantial sums donated on the “Devotional Evening” organized by the Community Foundation of Székelyudvarhely. Thank you again for the donations.

As opening moments of the event 20 visually impaired children received a white cane from the president of our Association, which led to a longer tour with escorts in the city center. After the walk, the sightless and visually impaired children and adults had the opportunity to try themselves in chess, card-, mills- and even amoeba games with the assistance and guidance of Ágoston György playmaster and Hajdó Ernő, the president of our Association. Parallel to the games a round table debate was organized for professionals, teachers, institution directors, members of our Association, academics from the Babes-Bolyai University, fellows from the Association of the Hungarian Visually Impaired in Romania and visitors. The late afternoon hours were reserved for the ceremony of awarding of a bronze relief donated by the Rotary Club. The bronze relief represents the downtown of Székelyudvarhely, subtitled in Braille writing, for the sightless and visually impaired can “see” the historical parts of the town. Later on we participated on the opening ceremony of the fine art exhibition offered by the Ver – Deco Art and Creative Association from Budapest (Hungary), in the Szent István ceremonial hall of the Town House. The pictures and works of art were realized with the 3D textile sculpture technique, they are palpable, so both the visually impaired and the seeing were given a lasting aesthetic experience. Then, as the highlight of the day, visually impaired children presented us with a cultural show, also in the Szent István ceremonial hall of the Town House. 

We are grateful for the volunteers of the UIET,  for our friends, sponsors, sightless and visually impaired participants, youngsters and elders for the powerful support!