Virtual storytelling with the little ones

On July 28, 2020, another online meeting with the younger age group took place, moderated by teachers Gizella Ferencz and Tünde Miklós. A new participant was added to the team in the person of Ákos Endes – Ábrahám, a multi – award – winning visually impaired poem teller. Ákos soon got involved, they were told about what had happened in the last session.

Summer was the theme of this meeting. What happens to nature in the summer, what summer activities we know, who usually does what in the summer – the questions were asked. The answers came with natural honesty, everyone had at least one story about the summer, the summer experiences. There was no shortage of common rhyming and singing.




Then the common “storytelling” began. Together they invented the tale, everyone had something to add, they continued each other’s story, weaving each other’s thoughts with their own ideas: this is how a really beautiful, meticulously crafted, colorfully smiling fairy tale fabric came together. The virtual coexistence ended with good mood and experiences.