Magic on Hargita – our second camp

August 10-15, 2020 A creative camp for visually impaired children and young people was organized by the Association for the Visually Impaired in Transylvania. The location of the camp has not changed compared to last year, this year we were welcomed by the Hargita Christian Camp in Szentegyháza, and this year we thank the director of the camp, Erika Joó, for the beautiful, homely and clean environment and helpful presence.

The number of participants did not exceed 20 people, ages 7 to 22 were present. This year’s camp was a thematic event, we learned poems, played music, sang and worked in small or large groups. In the afternoon we stringed pearls, we were in a petting zoo, we rode. This year we also received guests, a couple of singers from the Szentegyháza Children’s Philharmonic visited us, with the honorable presence of conductor Sándor Haáz as a guest of surprise. 

We are grateful to our guests for the time they spent together and for the many, many songs and children’s songs they gave us. But we also collected wood from the nearby forest, the campfire could not be left out, nothing could replace the community-building experience of playing and singing together by the fire.





Our 6 poets learned 11 poems, our musicians practiced 5 songs, and all this in 3 days: Dezső Kosztolányi, Sándor Kányádi, Mihály Babits, Éva Tandari, Sándor Reményik, Sándor Gellért, we also selected the beautiful canon song of the Wind Shrinker.

On the penultimate day, we were able to present what we learned, and to our great delight, the more than 60 members of the Bonus Pastor Foundation at the camp were touched to listen to the lecture and rewarded the hard and persistent work of the children and youth with real applause. After a speech of thanks, one of the leaders of the foundation said with tears in his eyes, “we didn’t think you could do real magic.” Thank you for the many, many praises, the smiling encouragement, the sincere interest, the congratulations.





Our friends and colleagues were very helpful in organizing and implementing this year’s camp: Gizella Ferencz, Tünde Miklós, Arnold Butu. Without their serious, dedicated and professional work, the camp would not have taken place. Thank you very much! We thank our sponsors for supporting the local tender of the City of Odorheiu Secuiesc, we are grateful to Sarah Benedict Srl, Baby Bussines Srl. to Maxoll Srl, Gardénia – Firhang Curtain Shop, Infopress S.A Rt. We received generous help from the Szentegyháza Mayor’s Office, András Márton, the master of the chimny cake, and Imre Veres, the owner.

Rich in experiences, with tears and smiles, but with a sincere, strong determination, we parted in our hearts: we will continue! Thank You!