Our camp in Tahitótfalu

At the invitation of Alexandra Nógrádiné Kovács, the head of the Hungarian Reformed Charity Foundation – Blind Mission, a Reformed pastor, we participated in a camp in the Sion Hill Reformed Conference Centre in Tahitótfalu (Hungary) between 13-17 June 2022. Eighteen of us from Transylvania attended, 12 visually impaired and 6 companions, altogether more than 70 participants in camp.

The location of the camp was beautiful, the organisation was perfect and the services were excellent. The visually impaired children were given special attention and we thank Melinda Márton for working with the children with such kindness, patience and professionalism. Thank you to Peter Sulyok and Balázs Almádi for acting as children’s magnets and playing with the youngsters at night as required. The service of Ábel Kardos, the Episcopal Secretary of the Reformed Church District of Dunamellék, and the interesting and innovative presentation of József Berkes, a member of the Gedeon Society of Hungary, were a lasting experience.


We thank the participants of the camp in Hungary for their sincere interest and fraternal acceptance. We are grateful to our small team of helpers and chaperones for their selfless work, for their constant and generous support. Without them we could not have done it.

And last but not least, the whole team deserves a lot of praise for their solidarity, for the many beautiful moments, for the many, many laughs, for the constant good humour. Thank you all!


We had the opportunity to visit the Basilica of Esztergom, meet Cardinal Péter Erdő and take a boat trip on the Danube. There were handicraft activities and we watched the great film The Hungarian Passion with audio narration. Zsuzsanna Bartold, a visually impaired singer, sang beautiful Csángó, Moldavian, Szatmári, Szilágysági religious and military songs.

Thank you very much to Reformed pastor, Alexandra Nógrádiné Kovács for the perfect organization, thank you to the Blind Mission for the invitation!


And we also had the opportunity to visit the House of Hungarian Music in Budapest, Heroes’ Square and the City Park.

Thank you!