Festive awards ceremony

The evaluation of our competition, launched on 28 November 2023, has been completed and the prizes and special awards have been presented at the Bartimeus Centre. In the autumn of 2023, the National Association of the Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired donated tablets, 13 entries were received, all of them won a Lenovo tablet. The judging committee decided that 5 entries would receive a special prize of 500 lei each.

Congratulations to the applicants Kinga Marci Balázs, Etelka Csobot, Zselyke Demény, Klaudia Dobondi, Dávid Dohi, Ákos Endes-Ábrahám, Tamás Kovács, Bíborka Lakatos, Szende Lucaci, Hunor Molnár, Béla Nyisztor, Orsolya Kriszta Osváth and Noémie Varga. Special prizes were awarded to Dávid Dohi, Ákos Endes-Ábrahám, Szende Lucaci, Hunor Molnár and Béla Nisztor.
Congratulations to all of you, use your tablets well!

The entries were judged by Katalin Cseh, a teacher and poet, Gizella Ferencz, a special education teacher, Enikő Batiz, a university professor, and Ildikó Demeter-Szabó, a sign language interpreter and audio narrator. Thank you!
We are grateful to Peter Sulyok for his presence at the event, thank you!
At the same time, we were able to hand over a large food package to all visually impaired people, which was donated to our foundation by the St. Gellért Foundation. Thank you! We are delighted that everyone worked well to the best of their ability and knowledge, and we are particularly grateful for the excellent performance. Because we can always do better!
God bless you all!