Tangible Exhibition – Kájoni


“Tangible Exhibition” was opened on October 24 at the Kájoni János County Library in Csíkszereda. The unusual event was the second stop of the Ver – Deco Art and Creative Association’s traveling exhibition. The 3D tangible textile pictures provided a special experience for both sighted and non-sighted people. At the opening of the exhibition Ms. Veress Gabriella, the president of the Ver – Deco Art and Creative Association greeted the public and presented the fine art and passed on the cordial greetings of the members of their association. Following, Mrs. Máté Zsuzsa Enikő, in her opening and introductory speech, presented the impossible and hopeless situation of those families, who want to teach their visually impaired children in Hungarian language, or what is left of an adult visually impaired who loses his or her eyesight as an adult.




She reported on the aspirations of the Association of the Visually Impaired Hungarians from Romania, that they are not only building an independent boarding school with Hungarian as education language,  but also aim to set up a rehabilitation center which could provide both psychological and physical care for the adults who have lost their eyesight for various reasons. Continuing the opening and presentation of the exhibition, Tamás Kovács, a visually impaired graduate student from Székelyudvarhely sang a few beautiful Transylvanian and Moldavian folk songs on a flute.  Vajda Szabolcs, also a visually impaired secondary school student played on keyboard, and Endes-Ábrahám Ákos multi-award winning poem-teller, visually impaired child from Csíkszereda surprised us with his favourite poems. 




In closing, fellow of the Kájoni János County Library greeted the participants, Ms. Veress Gabriella, the president of the  Ver-Deco Association, Mr. Bruder Karesz and Ms. Nagy Gyöngyi vice-presidents, Mr. Hajdó Ernő, the president and the fellows of the Association of the Visually Impaired Hungarians from Romania, and non the less the participants. Then, in a spontaneous and informal conversation, everyone could watch more than 30 fine art works, with their hands or with their eyes.
We are grateful for the Kájoni János County Library who provide the place for the exhibition, for the Ver-Deco Art and Creative Association for the selfless and enthusiastic offering, transportation, and presentation of the artworks. We also thank the Community Foundation in Székelyudvarhely, the Charity Community and the Hargita County Tradition Resource Center.