Tangible Exhibition – Szentegyháza

The “Tangible Exhibition” came at his final station. The exhibition took place on 30-th of November, 2019, and it was organized by our Association and the Gábor Áron House of Culture in Szentegyháza, and presented 30 pieces of fine art offered by the Ver – Deco Art and Creative Association. The pictures and works of art realized with the 3D textile sculpture technique were presented at a charity cultural event at the House of Culture in Szentegyháza. The exhibition was the last event of the “Visually Impaired Children with White Cane” project supported by the Community  Foundation of Székelyudvarhely and the Charitable Community.


After the welcome greetings delivered by director Mr. György László, the president of the Association the Blind Hungarians of Romania, Mr. Hajdó Ernő presented and introductive speech, followed by a concert of the  Népi Zenekar and the Gold Band of Szentegyháza. After the concert, Mrs. Miklós Tünde, a visually impaired inhabitant of Szentegyháza had an emotive presentation.

We are grateful for the quality music and for the selflessness of the presenters. And last, but not least we are grateful to the director of the Culture House, Mr. György László for the  heartful welcoming, to our volunteer, Mrs. Tünde, for the planning and to citizens of Szentegyháza for their donations. The event was sponsored by: The Community Foundation of Székelyudvarhely, the  Charitable Community, the S.C.Pancom SZ&R LTD. lead by Szőcs Dávid and Szélyes Szidónia entrepreneur.