With pipes, drums and violin

We are now in our fourth week of blocked lessons and the children are making great strides in learning to read and write Braille. We are proud of them! And we are also grateful to Gizella Ferencz, a special needs teacher, who is doing a difficult, pioneering job, very effectively. When we think that there is no teacher training for blind and partially sighted children in the country, so that nowhere, in any higher education institution, is there any teaching of how to teach blind and partially sighted children, it is understandable why Gizi has a very responsible and complex job. We thank her!


This week the children had a good meal courtesy of Pethő Restaurant, thank you very much for your support!

The afternoon activities were based around music, and we are happy to have music teacher Gabriella Orosz participating in our activities and sessions. On Tuesday, the children were at the Odorheiu Secuiesc City Library for a special instrument exhibition where they had the opportunity to play, among other instruments, a laser harp and a teremin. On Wednesday, the KÖZ. hosted the children together with the young schoolchildren for a joint activity. The children in third grade were students of the Dr. Imre Palló Art Lyceum: thank you for your openness, curiosity and interest, it was a great experience for us!



Participating in the storytelling afternoons of the Gutenberg Bookshop in Odorheiu Secuiesc is slowly becoming a tradition, and this week was no different. Thank you, the visually impaired children were already very comfortable and made the session their own.

Of course, we also visited the special and rare instrument exhibition at the Haáz Rezső Museum, where we were able to try out many instruments and learn to recognise and categorsed them by their sound. Thank you to the Legato Association for the beautiful music and for the opportunity to try out the violin and the flute! It was a lasting experience for the children!



This is how the week went: with PIPES, DRUM, FLUTE, VIOLIN and lots of other interesting things.