Partnership with Siconomy

On 13 July 2021, the Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania and Siconomy System SRL signed a partnership agreement.

Levente Ambrus, co-founder of Siconomy, visited our association with the idea of cooperation after meeting one of our donation boxes in Vekker Café.

Siconomy is a virtual community platform for legal entities, businesses, associations, services, based on a dynamic, active database, where supply and demand, service providers and users meet in a very easy and professional way.


Service providers are legal entities, associations, cultural, social, religious or other legal entities that have registered and are given the opportunity to present themselves and their activities on There are several registration fee packages to choose from, the one-year package is called “Reckless”, which gives the registrant access for a full year and costs 150 lei. Under the partnership agreement, Siconomy has donated 50% of the registration fees to EMLE as a donation.

So those who want to present their services and activities in an easy and professional way can easily do so after paying a nominal annual fee while supporting a noble cause.


Siconomy is a niche and enthusiastic startup in Szeklerland, with creative, enthusiastic, and socially aware young developers. Their website is already active, registration is possible, and soon the application will be ready to facilitate communication between partners, developers, service providers, and users.

We are grateful to Levente Ambrus and Siconomy for thinking of us and donating half of their turnover to support the Hungarian School for the Blind. Congratulations to the young entrepreneurs for the excellent idea, the implemented platform, and the persistent work. We are convinced that many people will take advantage of the opportunity that Siconomy offers, because not only can you acquire new and satisfied customers in a comfortable, aesthetic, and familiar interface, but you can also support the education of the Hungarian visually impaired.