At home in the church: a celebration of love

The 2023 Charity Concert has become a gala evening, and perhaps the name of the event should not have been changed. We were given a wonderful, loving, family atmosphere to celebrate the past year, the children and each other.

Ms. Dévai nagy Kamilla

Thank you BEBAK for the organization, Odorheiu Secuiesc Downtown Reformed Church for the beautiful venue, thank you to the Liszt Ferenc Mixed Choir of Vásárosnamény for the wonderful performance, thank you to the Alla Breve Mixed Choir for the moving “Grund” performance! We are grateful for the magical presence of the worthy artist Kamilla Dévai Nagy, God bless her! Thank you to Imre Haagen for the presentation, the evergreen Hungarian hits and the poem by László Mécs: The Sorrow of the Three Princes.

Mr. Imre Haagen Endes-Ábrahám Ákos

Last but not least, the young people with visual impairments gave us a fantastic experience: Ákos Endes-Ábrahám, Csengelle Nagy and Zselyke Demény, thank you!

Thank you to the Narradívák for the accessibility, Kati Gazdik for the audio narration, Ildikó Demeter-Szabó for the sign interpretation and Maximilián Helle for the piano accompaniment.
Thank you to the Gondűző Hotel for their excellent hospitality and to Transptur International for their support. May God pay!

Nagy Csengelle Demény Zselyke

We are proud that deaf people have visited us, and we have tried to welcome them with our best efforts and attention.

We are grateful for the generous donations, all of which will be used to build the special school. May God pay!