Art camp for the visually impaired

The Bartimeus Centre hosted an artists’ camp from 24-27 July. Blind youngsters were able to try out their musicality, creativity and manual dexterity as well as making handicrafts. Music workshops were held by Péter Huzella, Kossuth Prize-winning musician and guitarist-singer, and Márton Haáz, music teacher at the Imre Palló Secondary School of Arts.

Judit Marosi sculptor and Andrea Butu taught pottery and clay sculpting, young people could paint together with painter András Bálint, and the visually impaired could take a look at the world of acting and performance with actors Árpád Tóth and Norbert Potter Esti.

Our volunteers were Marinela Loizzo, Guillermo Calvó Cardiel and Raluca Gindea, thanks and appreciation to them. Gizella Ferencz, Márta Székely, Gabriella Orosz and Arnold Butu provided constant presence and professional assistance, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their hard work. We also had the help of Enikő Demény, Klaudia Butu and Zsolt Szabó, thank you very much.

We are grateful to László Kovács, the conductor of the Alla Breve Choir, for hosting us, so that we could have a guitar-singing-talking-laughing camp closing evening.
Thank you for your support to the Communitas Foundation, Hontfar SRL, Jámbor Tehén, BEBAK and the Udvarhely Youth Forum! May God pay!