The recent annual meeting has brought changes to the life of our association. The board of trustees of our association has been renewed, the new members are: Tünde Miklós (visually impaired), Enikő Zsuzsa Máté (sighted), Csaba Arnold Butu (visually impaired), Zsolt Máté (sighted), Tamás Kovács (visually impaired). The new name of the association: Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania. The transformation process that took several months did not affect the statute, nor the team working on the school project.

The new board of trustees approved last year’s financial and activity reports, voting on this year’s planned activities. Of course, our most important goal is to establish and maintain a Hungarian-language special education center for Hungarian visually impaired children.

Regarding the future, in addition we are working on the construction of the education center, we will examine the legal and professional pedagogical conditions and possibilities of the institution and travel teacher positions. Judging from our experience and feedback, there is a great need for specially trained travel teachers.