“…their duties to God, their country and their fellow human beings”

On 04.06.2021, on the Day of National Unity, the Hungarian Scout Association of Romania and the Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania signed a partnership and cooperation agreement. Discussions and negotiations preceded this great moment, as the RMCSSZ does not have a huge fortune, it uses the financial resources of the civil life, as does the EMLE. Our association did not ask for donations of money, but for “added value”, which is the duty of the scout movement: we asked scouts, sympathisers, potential supporters to be hosts, ambassadors of our fundraising campaign, which we launched a few months ago.

In the next part of the campaign, we will be placing donation boxes in Transylvania, Partium, Banat, in cities in Hungary and even in Western Europe. RMCSSZ members, sympathizers and supporters are asked to look for and find places for these boxes in prominent social nodes (cultural centres, churches, prayer houses, community spaces, shops, entertainment venues) where larger amounts of money can be collected. We can also provide leaflets to accompany the boxes and, of course, a personal presence if required. In this way, the Scouts will be the guardians of the fundraising boxes for Hungarian visually impaired children, the ambassadors of the Hungarian blind. In addition, we have asked the Scouts to share the online content of our campaign on their own social media platforms, so that as many people as possible can hear about our now common cause. This way, we can give more and more people the opportunity and chance to support the cause of education and rehabilitation of the Hungarian blind in Transylvania.

Signature of partnership agreement between RMCSSZ and EMLE


We are both grateful and proud of this beautiful and noble opportunity for cooperation, and we believe know that our work together will not only be fruitful, but also exemplary. We ask God’s blessing that we may all do our duty with integrity, humility and devotion!