Library opened on International White Cane Day

What is furfural? 

1. Agent for cleaning the white cane.

2. Anti-rabies medicine. 

3. Nile crocodile favourite dessert, moth.

Today is the International White Cane Day. On this occasion, it is made public (if we find a drummer to be drummed out) that from today the Hungarian-speaking visually impaired  people from abroad, including the blind, the visually impaired, will have access to the audio library of the Hungarian Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play stores.

Visual impairment must be certified during the registration process.  You can contact our association with confidence for the issuance of this document. There are currently 3147 read works available in the application, from Homer to Attila Bartis, epics, tales, poems, novels, in a word, lovers of any age or genre will find something to read in the library, which is constantly expanding.

What does furfural have to do with the application? Furfural is a light brown oil with an unmistakable scent, a degradation product of cellulose that causes the pages of books to change colour and, when entered into a library, strikes a penetrating scent that triggers the production of saliva in a cerebral cortex. Well, unfortunately furfural does not come with the application, the use of the library, who cannot read without smell will be forced to fill his physical bookshelf with old books while reading the virtual or get the oil in concentrated form and soak his phone in it from time to time. We prefer the first solution, we do not take responsibility for the second!