Gala evening for the school for the blind

A fundraising gala evening took place on 25 September 2021 at the Siculus Youth House in Odorheiu Secuiesc. The gala evening was organized by the Benedek Elek Baráti Kör for the Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania. We witnessed a very beautiful and high quality show, the guests of BEBAK – Péter Huzella, Kossuth Prize winning composer, singer, Péter Kovács singer, pianist, Alla Breve Mixed Choir conducted by László Kovács, the children and young people with visual impairment from EMLE. Péter Sulyok, the Hungarian blind stand-up comedian, was originally scheduled to be present, but had to cancel the trip due to illness. He welcomed the participants and the audience by phone, we hope he will recover soon and wish him good health! The host of the evening was comedian Tibor Selmeczi.

The evening consisted of two parts, during the interval everyone had the opportunity to donate to the cause of the blind in Transylvania. With grateful hearts we thank you for your donations, we thank BEBAK for their selfless work in organizing this unique and outstandingly meaningful event, we thank Peter Huzella, Peter Kovács, the Alla Breve Choir, Tibor Selmeczi for a very nice and meaningful show. At the same time, we thank the blind and visually impaired young people for their serious and concentrated hard work, for their beautiful performance.

Attila Petneházy, the Hungarian Government Commissioner for Hungarian Culture, was present at the event and performed during the evening, and László Percze, Consul General of the Hungarian Consulate in Csíkszereda, was also present. Thank you for your presence!


Dr. Zoltán Pál and his lovely wife were also present at the event, and in the lobby you could buy unique aragonite jewellery handcrafted by blind people. We thank Mr. Pál for not only his presence, but also for raising the level of the evening with the light of his “Sekler diamond”!

And last but not least, we thank the Gondűző Restaurant, the Sekler Courtyard Association, the Udvarhely Youth Forum (UFF) for their support. And thank you to our friend Zsolt Szabó, BEBAK member and idea generator from Székelyudvarhely, for his very efficient work, without him the gala evening would not have been possible!

During the fundraising gala evening 17.600 lei was collected, which will be spent entirely for the start of the school for the blind.

Dear Participants: thank you for an unforgettable evening, for the family atmosphere, for the humour and laughter, for the performances, for the donations, for the kindness, for the many, many beautiful moments.