The “Run For It!  Is a multifunctional civil event, which has been successfully held for several years, during which the organizer (SZKA – Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation) provides an opportunity for the applicant NGOs to collect donations for specific projects. NGOs delegate “ambassadors” to the event, who draw attention to the NGO’s project as they travel the kilometers they have undertaken. The ambassadors try to gather supporters and grants for the project of the given non-governmental organization, to support the organization. All participating NGOs must report to the Székelyudvarhely Community Foundation on the use of the proceeds under strict conditions.

The Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians from Transylvania is participating in the Run for It! for the first time event. Our association was established with the aim of creating and maintaining a special Hungarian-language educational complex for Hungarian-speaking visually impaired children and young people. This year marks the 100-th anniversary of the abolition of the school for the blind in Kolozsvár (Klausenburg) and there is currently no special Hungarian-language school for Hungarian-speaking blind children in Romania. As a result of this fundraising event, we will purchase three Perkins Smart Brailler typewriters that will make it easier for visually impaired students to learn to write, and last but not least, the work of the educator who deals with it. The typewriter can provide audible feedback, save the described text in a digital file, or even print it. The price of such a machine is $ 2195, but since it is a special, highly rated device, its price cannot be said to be too high.

We are grateful to our ambassadors, who fell at heart the education of the Hungarian visually impaired children. Worm thanks to (in order of subscription): Emese Fodor, Gizi Ferencz, Cristina Brinzan-Antal, Gagyi Katinka, Ferencz Izabella, Kiss Huni, Sulyok Péter, Domokos István, Orsolya Németh, Beleznay Péter, Kányádi Mónika Linda, Botond Mihály, Búzás Dorottya, Papp Róbert Flórián, (the leaders of Cross Training és a Spartan Training Group Miercurea Ciuc / Csíkszereda), Kolumbán Sándor, Szabó Zsolt, Iszlai Virág Júlia, Molnar Helen Timea, Bíró Barna Botond and non for the less to Mr. Tánczos Barna. 

Whoever supports the  Run for It! project, it supports Hungarian visually impaired children. We are convinced that together the project of the Hungarian Visually Impaired in Transylvania will be successful and we will effectively help the learning of Hungarian blind children. Thank You!