Together, effectively

Between 25-29 September we visited again the schools of Szeklerland with Péter Sulyok and Balázs Almádi. Péter and Balázs are co-workers of the Hungarian Reformed Mission for the Blind, and in the last few years they have reached more than 11,000 sighted children and young people with their playful, positive experience-based activities. This is why they came to Transylvania too, to visit schools where visually impaired children study.

Thus we visited the Czetz János Primary School in Gidófalva, the Benedek Fidél Primary School in Székelyszentlélek, the Helpful Mary Roman Catholic Secondary School in Csíkszereda, the Primary School in Gidegség and the Baczkamadarasi Kis Gergely Reformed College in Székelyudvarhely.

Over 350 sighted students were able to try their hand at simple tasks in total darkness, blindfolded. The biggest benefit of delivering positive experiential information is that the information is stored directly in long-term memory, so that children and young people who have participated in the interactive sessions will remember these sessions for a long time.

We thank the Reformed Blind Mission, Peter Sulyok and Balázs Almádi for their service, God bless them. We thank the directors and teachers of the institutions for their positive and active participation, as they also took part in the sessions.