Academic studies – another virtual meeting for the adolescents

The guest of the virtual group session on July 30, 2020 was Dorottya Darkó, a student of the Gusztáv Bárczi Faculty of Special Education of the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. Dorottya is the proud owner of a guide dog: she told us about the conditions that had to be met in order to receive the guide dog, and what relationship she had with her four-legged helper. He shared interesting and funny stories about how they travel and what reactions the dog elicits from seeing society. She reported that the University supported her studies. Support options were also discussed.



Participants said who would like a guide dog, and since everyone had met a special education teacher as a young adult, there was a long debate about the special education profession. The virtual togetherness ended in a good mood, we look forward to the next meeting!