During April we met twice with members of the Székelykeresztúr Reformed Congregation. On April 3rd, at the invitation of Reverend Etele Gáspár Babos, we visited the prayer room of the congregation, attended the afternoon service, and were surprised by the poetry of the visually impaired Csengelle Nagy and the visually impaired Ábrahám Ákos Endes. It was touching and uplifting, we thank them from the bottom of our hearts!

We introduced ourselves to the congregation, explained why and for whom we work, what our goals are, and how the Hungarian blind school in Transylvania is doing at the moment. Our presentation continued with an informal discussion, we, the visually impaired young people and their companions were offered cookies, refreshments and coffee. Thank you very much for the invitation!


On April 8th we had the opportunity to meet again with the members of the congregation, who visited us in Székelyudvarhely, accompanied by pastors Etele Gáspár-Babos and János Benke. We talked in detail about the situation of Hungarian blind and visually impaired children and adults, toured together the properties purchased and handed over for use by the Transylvanian Reformed Church District with Hungarian state support, reported on the planned property functions, and our plans for renovation and property rehabilitation.


Tamás Kovács, a second-year Reformed theologian, member of the board of trustees of our association, was with us. With his broad education, subtle humour and talented anecdotes, he captivated our guests and us for hours. He demonstrated the Braille typewriter, the “blind” functions of smart phones, the use of didactic tools that he used as a student at the Budapest School for the Blind. Anita Szakács and Annamária Lőrincz, special needs teachers, also helped us with the reception.


We thank Tamás, Anita and Annamária for their helpful presence, the members of the Székelykeresztúr Reformed Congregation for their compassionate, sincere interest and the quality time spent together. God bless them, we hope to meet them again soon.