The MVMI Foundation

In early October, we attended the press launch of our sister foundation in Budapest.

The Hungarian School for the Hungarian Blind Foundation is registered in Hungary, its main objective is to provide financial, mental and spiritual support to the Hungarian visually impaired people living beyond the borders of Hungary. It strives to provide moral and financial support to blind and visually impaired people of all ages, for the social, professional and personal development of individuals, so that they can live a full life and participate in society in a natural way.

The founders of the Foundation are Dr. László Horváth and Zsolt Szabó, the chairman of the Board of Trustees is Kati Gazdik, the members of the Board of Trustees are Szilvia Demeter-Szabó Ildikó and Maximilian Helle. Members of the Supervisory Board are Enikő Demény, Csaba Butu Arnold and Zsolt Máté.

Their aim is to help the Foundation for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania to achieve its goals.

The event was hosted by Bálint Turi, actor and voice actor. Ákos Ábrahám Endes presented a beautiful poem and Kamilla Dévai Nagy presented a beautiful song. Csaba Mózes, a visually impaired person from Odorheiu Secuiesc told us about his childhood, Noémi Varga, a visually impaired singing student shared her plans with the audience, and then enchanted the audience with a wonderful song.

Visually impaired musician Helle Maximilian provided the piano accompaniment, thank you!

Thank you for the wonderful location of Pasha Cafe and the sincere interest of the participants!

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