Aranyosi and Sulyok

Accepting the Association’s invitation, on the 31-th of October, 2019, Aranyosi Péter and Sulyok Péter gagmans from Hungary, performed a charitable comedy show in Székelyudvarhely. Previous to this, they had shows in Bukarest, Csíkszereda and Marosvásárhely.


We are grateful to the two Péter, we encountered two outstanding man and brilliant comics, for the support of the Székelyudvarhely municipality, for the media partnership of the Székelyhon and Príma Radio, for the generosity of the Gondűző Restaurant, and non the last for the generous donations of the participants.

The participants at the sold out “Petike 2 – Laugh for us” stand-up comedy show had a great time and an unforgettable experience.