To Ákos with love!

We recently handed over an Orbit Reader 20 Plus Braille display to Ákos Endes-Ábrahám from Miercurea Ciuc for use. Ákos is currently a fifth grade student. This device can also be used as a stand-alone file reader, but it also handles SD cards and can be connected via USB to a computer, phone or other smart device. It can also be connected wirelessly, tracked and checked via an app, and the text entered can be transmitted in .txt format. But it can also handle .docx and .pdf formats. So a teacher who doesn’t know Braille can keep track of a visually impaired student’s work on their phone or computer. This makes it very easy for blind children in integrated education to learn, and is also useful for teachers who are not familiar with braille.


The device and the app are so new that most of its features are a mystery even to us. So, we asked Zoltán Lakatos and László Lukács, adult visually impaired people from Miercurea Ciuc, to help us discover the functions of the device and connect several devices. We also have a lot of help from Gizella Ferencz, a special education teacher, but most of the work has been and is being done by Ákos, who has to discover and learn how to use the new and complicated device.


We wish a lot of patience, perseverance and good results to Ákos, use it in good health!