Blindness can result from disease, but blindness or low vision is not a disease. It’s a condition. You can and should live with it. It is a disadvantage which can be worked out with sacrifice, work, lots and lots of practice, and the acquisition of extra competencies that a visionary does not need to learn and develop to perfection.




(Homeros, Louis Braille, Helen Keller, Ray Charles, Érdi Tamás, Stevie Wonder)

But as the examples above show, the disadvantage can be worked out, the obstacle can be overcome.

Some are born visually impaired, some lose their vision as a result of illness, accident, or other reasons.



Kids love to play and (sometimes unfortunately) they’re not afraid of anything.


They are curious, they love new things and they want to try everything.



But in spite of everything: THEY CAN LEARN. They are intelligent, they learn quickly and with pleasure, they are as talented in many things as any other child. The easiest way to learn spelling is with the Braille alphabet. As part of the Run For It event, we want to give to blind students a chance to easily learn to read and write correctly. You can support the purchase of Braille typewriters by opening the link below and clicking on any of our ambassadors. Give the blind kids a chance to work out the disadvantages, work for success!

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