The Blackberry Bush, the Crocodile, the Orange Tree, the Mother Forest and the Forest

The February school week was also full of experiences – as well as lots of learning. The children had a carnival, went swimming, skated and had a story time in the local bookshop.

The Blackberry Bush  the Crocodile  The carnival dance

And last but not least, they welcomed guests. Thank you to Dénes Szalai, swimming coach, VSK Udvarhely, Gutenberg Bookstore, Ferenc Gizi and Gabriella Orosz for all the work, care, education, teaching and upbringing. Once again it was a great experience, once again we became more: more skilful, more confident, a bit smarter.

Learning in the special way  Struggle with letters  Reward pancakes

We are very, very proud and very grateful. Thank you!

Blind-jenga. Difficult, but very funny  The tower is ready. It goes under water  Ice rink. They looked after us