Psychologist, if she’s blind – another meeting with the grown-up visually impaired

The third online meeting of young adult visually impaired people was held on August 6, 2020. Their invited guest was Orsolya Németh, living and working in Hungary, a senior staff member of the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired. She was met by the young people at last year’s camp and at last autumn’s White Cane Day in Székelyudvarhely.

Orsolya Németh has a degree in Psychology, so the question was: what is Psychology? What specialties do you have, how did your university years go by, where and how can you use the science of psychology in everyday life. Orsolya told about the life paths of the brothers, what patterns they follow, she mentioned herself and her brother dealing with visually impaired informatics as examples, and justified psychological research with her own example.

She said that in the course of her current work she also actively utilizes what she has learned at university, as an advocate, she meets a lot of people and organizes a lot of programs and trainings.

There was also a lot of talk about the sport, the young visually impaired told me what their favorite sport was and what they would be very happy to try. Skiing was discussed at length, this sport aroused everyone’s interest, and there was also talk of ping-pong played by visually impaired people: Orsi explained how it works since participants hadn’t tried it yet.

The guest of the virtual meeting received a lot of questions, Orsolya shared her daily life with the young people very openly, very honestly and willingly, but she also talked about her private life and her relationship. Of course, they didn’t get to the end of the questions, as they raised questions, so the next guest will be Orsolya Németh, a psychologist with a visual impairment. We look forward to seeing you!