We could help again

On 24 February 2022, we handed over 10 BlindShell Classic 2 special smart phones with physical buttons to blind and partially sighted adults in Szeklerland. The phones were purchased from the National Association of the Hungarian Blind and Visually Impaired in Hungary. The device is very popular among the visually impaired, especially among the older age group. The phone has physical buttons, but also a small display and can perform all functions, just like a smart phone with a large screen. It was developed in the Czech Republic with the help of professionals with visual impairments.
The BlindShell Classic 2 is therefore a physical button mobile phone specially designed for blind and partially sighted users. The phone can be operated using the physical keypad or voice commands. Feedback is provided by the phone’s synthetic speech sound, vibrations and other audio cues.



We look forward to helping our fellow citizens with smart devices. There is a high degree of social isolation among the visually impaired, and the BlindShell Classic 2 smart device can help reduce this isolation.

Two young special teachers Anita Szakács and Annamária Lőrincz were very helpful in introducing and familiarizing us with the device.

And use the device with health!