About the donations

Why do visually impaired people need a Hungarian educational institution? Because there is none and our children need it!
Why do we need a rehabilitation center for visually impaired adults? Because there is none and they need it!

The Association for the Visually Impaired Hungarians in Transylvania works for Hungarian-speaking visually impaired people living in Romania. We are working on the establishment of a Hungarian-language residential educational institution and an elementary rehabilitation center. You can now contribute to realise this noble cause.

Thanks to the Hungarian Government, the school project received partial financial support. Due to the available amount, the size of the property selected for the school project and the area belonging to it, we had to separate the rehabilitation center plan from the original concept of creating a single large center serving the needs of visually impaired children and adults and treating it as two separate projects: the plan of the special educational institution and the elementary rehabilitation center for visually impaired adults. 

In our conversations with parents of visually impaired children, we constantly have to answer their recurring question, “When does school start?”. Knowing the needs exactly, and due to the construction time we estimated to be too long, according to the decision of the association’s management, we took out the plan of the rehabilitation center and, after finding the right property, we are looking for sponsors to buy it. Just as there are no Hungarian-language, special learning opportunities for blind and partially sighted children, there is no rehabilitation service for adults in the country. 

The property:

The functions of the property which we want to purchase:

    • operates as a rehabilitation center
    • until the special school for the blind is built, it functions as a residential school with elementary classes, within the framework of a pilot project. 
    • provides temporary settlement for our special educators moving from other places to Odorheiu Secuiesc.
    • provides accommodation for our guest and traveling teachers.
    • serves as the headquarters of our association, operates a Braille and audio library, an assistive technology and rental shop.

Quantified dimensions of the property: it is located on a fenced area of ​​3000 m2, with an useful area of ​​800 m2, with the possibility of installing an attic (+250 m2 can be added). 500 m2 paved parking lot and yard in front of the building, approximately 2000 m2 green area at the back.

The useful surface:

  •  1 accessible room with a large sanitary block on the ground floor
  •  10 pcs. of 18 m2 furnished rooms with sanitary block on the first floor
  •  large dining room, sideboard, offices and other service rooms

The property requires infrastructural, energetical  and minor accessibility interventions, which can be implemented within a tight deadline, so we hope to be able to receive visually impaired children and adults late 2021. The total value of the investment, which includes the purchase price of the property, the cost of the necessary improvements, the purchase of aids and one-year operating expenses, is estimated at more than  €900,000.

In our current fundraising campaign, we aim to purchase the property as soon as possible for the elementary rehabilitation center to meet the educational needs of our children and the rehabilitation needs of adults in parallel until the school is built.

We ask you to support us and encourage your relatives, friends and acquaintances to do so, if they consider our project important.

              Thank you for your generous donations!

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