Rehab – First steps


We are working on a study to assess the socio-professional life of Hungarian visually impaired people in Transylvania. We believe that it is necessary to establish a rehabilitation center in Transylvania. In order to prepare, we need as much feedback as possible from the members of the target group, the Hungarian-speaking visually impaired people in Transylvania.

Thank you for contributing to our work to improve the quality of life of the visually impaired.


What is elementary rehabilitation?

It is recommended especially for people who have lost their eyesight as a result of adulthood, illness or accident, whose lack of optical information causes physical and mental trauma, their quality of life deteriorates, they drift to the margins of society, become completely passive and inactive. There are currently no institutions for the rehabilitation of the visually impaired in Romania, and we have undertaken to solve this problem.

Those who still have some kind of vision residue will have their remaining vision assessed to personalise their vision education. This is necessary because vision can be impaired for different reasons and it can have different effects on the lives of different people. The form of vision test is functional vision test. In addition to vision education, the use of optical aids is also selected and taught individually.

In the lives of the visually impaired, it is important to teach independent and safe transportation, because it is their ability to orient themselves. Within the framework of orientation and transport, the injured person learns to use the white cane, which allows him to drive independently, without any assist.

We wouldn’t even think about how many everyday activities we use our vision for. If vision is impaired, the person is no longer able to perform these activities as before. Which doesn’t mean you can’t do it! An element of everyday activities is safe and practical techniques that involve learning about and learning how to use aids to help with self-service.

Vision is also essential for reading commonly used, so-called flat writing. The visually impaired can still read with various aids, but the blind cannot, thus missing out on this opportunity for information and entertainment. There are several alternatives to replace this, of which we would highlight Braille and barrier-free IT tools such as computers and smartphones. Nowadays life is unimaginable without a computer. It is a help in keeping in touch, an opportunity to spend time and work.

Psychological, social and occupational rehabilitation are also linked to elementary rehabilitation.

In summary, elementary rehabilitation means spiritual assistance, orientation in social affairs, useful and valuable leisure time (social and cultural life), vocational counseling and retraining, movement therapy and building and improving physical condition.