Catherine Ball 2019




We are very pleased that we were invited to participate at the Catherine Ball. The event took place in Csíkszereda, at the Hargita Vendégváró Restaurant and was organized by the Association of Entrepreneurs of Csík and the Chief Consulate of Hungary in Csikszereda. Due to the fact that there is no training in Typhlo-Pedagogy (specialized for the visually impaired) in present-day Romania, our association was looking for a special education specialist, who agreed that will graduate a specialized course in Hungary and the knowledge gained there will be used in the school of Hungarian sightless and visually impaired, built in Székelyudvarhely.

To facilitate this, we are trying to relieve our hopeful colleague of the cost of vocational training. At the Catherine Ball held in Csíkszereda the donated sum for the Association of the Visually Impaired Hungarians from Romania was ment to facilitate this endeavour. Usually, proceeding the Ball, the organizers are selecting projects which serves Hungarians in the Szeklerland both individually and at community level. We are grateful to the organizers for outlining our potential goals out of 10 potential projects where that besides the other two projects, special education for the blind is offered to support the participants of the Catherine Ball.

As first ballers of the Sixth Ball of Catherine, which ends well with more participants than expected, our association sincerely thanks the donated amount. We thank His Exc. Mr. László Tóth, Consul General, we thank the Association of Entrepreneurs of Csík, and we thank our friends, supporters and sponsors. We are grateful for it!

We are not building a school, but we are establishing the one and only educational institution that provides opportunities for Romanian blind and partially sighted children and young people to learn Hungarian at a special boarding school.