Do good, with heart and soul

With sincere respect and gratitude, we thank the Székely Góbék of Csíkszentgyörgyi for their generous and pure-hearted collection for our foundation. During the Székely Góbé Meeting, which took place between 11-13 August, a very considerable amount of money was raised to help Hungarian visually impaired children, nearly 25.000 lei.

Szekely Gobe Andras Berecz

Thanks to Imre Vitos, Csilla Gergely and Zoltán Fehér for their selfless work! Thank you to Peter Sulyok for the free of charge performance, thank you to András Berecz for the very nice donation, to Edit Dénes, the handmade Keresztes, to Orotvai Komák, the distributor of Farmasi Cleaning Products for the special donations! Thank you for the good hearts and generosity of the participants, God pay a hundredfold!
Thank you very much!

Székely Góbé Meeting Peter Sulyok