After 103 years, Hungarian special education for visually impaired children in Transylvania has partially restarted. For one week every month, blind and visually impaired children can learn to read, write and count in Hungarian at the Bartimeus Centre. The children come from all over the country and the opportunity is open to anyone who wants to learn.


We have completed the first week of education in 2023, with a focus on physical activity and sport alongside the specific curriculum. Of course, culture was not left out, we also took part in a story time with the children, organised by the Gutenberg Bookshop in Odorheiu Secuiesc.


Our senior student, who joined the group last year and is nearly 70 years old, has been taking part in the weekly sessions and we are proud of him.

We would like to thank the two professionals, Gizi Ferencz and Gabriella Orosz, who conducted the special education and development sessions, for their enthusiastic and conscientious work, God bless them!

Thank you to VSK Udvarhely – City Sports Club for responding quickly to our request and welcoming us to the ice rink and providing professional, safe and enjoyable training for the visually impaired! The children came away with a great experience.


And the atmosphere in the Páva swimming pool was fantastic, thanks to the swimming coach Dénes Szalai, for making the blind children enjoy swimming. We are sure that the children had an unforgettable experience!


Thanks to the support of Hotel Küküllő, our students had lunch there last week. Thank you!